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ASK 13

Scale 1/3


Scale:          1/3
Span:           5,33 Mtr
Weight:      10-11 Kgs
Five functions: Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Airbrake and tow release.

Includes printed plan

Canopy avaiable


The ASK 13 is a two-seater glider. It was and still is widely used for basic training of glider pilots.

Continued development of the two-seat Ka 2 and Ka 7 by introducing the ASK 13, using a mixture of materials including metal, wood and glassfibre. It has swept-forward single-spar wings, positioned lower than in the Ka 7, which allows for a large blown canopy providing a good all-round view for both pilots.

The 6 degree forward sweep of the wing allows the rear pilot to be seated near the centres of gravity and lift. The glider therefore maintains the same trim whether flown single seated or dual seated. The D-type leading edge torsion box is of plywood and the whole wing is fabric-covered. There are metal Schempp-Hirth air brakes above and below the wing, and the wooden ailerons are fabric-covered. The fuselage is a welded steel tube structure with spruce stringers and fabric-covered overall, except for the nose, which is glassfibre. The tail unit is plywood-covered, except for the rear part of the rudder and elevators, which are fabric-covered, and there is a Flettner trim tab in the starboard elevator.

Landing gear consists of a non-retractable sprung wheel, mounted aft of the centre of gravity. The original design featured a skid under the nose and tail, although on many K13s these have been replaced with wheels to make handling on hard surfaces easier.

General characteristics:


Crew: 2

Length: 8,18 m

Wingspan: 16 m

Wing area:17,50 m2

Empty weight: 295 kg

Max takeoff weight: 480 kg