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CVV 1 Pinguino

Scale 1/3

Scale:          1/3
Span:           5,1 Mtr
Weight:       8-10 Kgs
Five functions: Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Airbrake and tow release.

Includes printed plan

Canopy avaiable


he Pinguino was the first design from the Centro Volo a Vela (CVV), or Experimental Soaring Centre, of the Royal Polytechnic of Milan. Ermenegildo Preti was only eighteen when he began the design.

It was a wood and fabric aircraft,[2] a cantilever, gull winged monoplane in the manner of the slightly earlier German DFS Rhönsperber.

The first flight of the Pinguino was made in December 1937 from Arcore. No production followed

General characteristics:


Crew: 1

Length: 6,5 m

Wingspan: 15,30 m

Wing area:15,20 m2

Empty weight: 195 kg

Max takeoff weight: 270 kg